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Accessory belt Golf mk6 1.6 TDI

The tightening torques

Tightening torques

Tensioner pulley retaining screw

20 Nm + 90°

    - Multi-bit screwdriver
    - Torx T27 socket
    - 13mm spanner
    - 16mm spanner
    - Socket wrench
    - Flat head screwdriver
    - Wheel lug wrench
    - Torque wrench
    - 7mm socket
    - 13mm socket
    - Gimbal
    - Extender
    - Torx T30 socket

Needed tools

The complete toolbox recommended UseTool EN

- Drive belt kit

Needed parts


Disclaimer: This video was created for information purposes and does not guarantee the outcome of actions undertaken.
To ensure that you see the best results, we recommend getting in contact with qualified technicians who will carry out the installation.
This video provides tips and recommendations that can be useful when repairing or changing parts. MCD12 and its partners cannot be held responsible for any physical and material damage that comes from the poor installation or incorrect interpretation of the video content.
This video was created for information purposes and does not guarantee any outcomes. The user is solely responsible for the incorrect use of repair machines, tools and parts, in particular if these may cause physical damage. MCD12 and its partners recommend taking great care and carefully following the safety rules when carrying out the repair or replacement of any parts. Please keep in mind that using poor quality parts compromises the safety of the driver when on the road.

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