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 🚗 How to change the front brakes on
Ford F150
12th gen 09-14 ?

Change the front brakes and pads of your F150

Changing the front brake discs and pads of your F150 involves replacing the used rotors and pads with new ones, for better braking and more safety.

Why should you change the discs and pads of your F150 ?

Brake discs and pads are components of the braking system that deteriorate fairly quickly. Therefore, it is strongly discouraged to continue driving with worn brake pads, as this can significantly reduce braking efficiency.


If the discs and pads are damaged, the minimum wear thickness is reached or your mechanic recommends it, you should replace the brake discs and pads. If they are damaged, this can lead to reduced braking performance, accidents or damage to your car.


The replacement of your brake discs and pads is recommended every 50,000 to 70,000 miles, according to your vehicle manufacturer's specifications. However, certain signs may alert you to the need to replace your discs and pads, such as the lighting of the "brake" light on the dashboard of your Ford F150 12th gen, squeaking noises during braking, vibrations felt during braking, or advice from your mechanic.

🔧Tutorial : How to change the front brakes on F150 09-14

Time : 60 min

Difficulty : 3/5

Average savings : 60$

Required parts: brake discs, brake cleaner, brake pads, copper grease

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👨🏻‍🔧 Don't feel like doing it yourself?

Find out how much it costs to change your front discs and pads on your F150 at a garage and make an appointment at a trusted garage.

🧐What symptoms to watch for?

  • The brake pad warning light on the dashboard comes on.
  • The braking distance is longer than usual.
    You feel vibrations in your brake pedal.
  • You hear unusual noises when braking.
  • Your brakes may lock up.
  • You have poor handling.

🛠️ Tools needed

- Hydraulic jack

- Jack stands :

- Wheel lug wrench

- Big flat head screwdriver

- Ratchet - 13mm socket

- Clamp or iron wire - Flat head screwdriver

- 21mm socket

- Hammer

- Wire brush

- Paper towel

- File

- Torque wrench 

- Brake Wind

-Back Tool

- 17mm spanner

👂Tell us everything, tell us your experience, ask us for advice on changing the front discs and pads of your F150

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